Cosmetic Contouring and Reshaping

Cosmetic Contouring 

Cosmetic Contouring and Reshaping in Tilton NH

Cosmetic contouring is one of the most direct and simple procedures in cosmetic dentistry, a subtle process of sculpting and reshaping the teeth to improve their shape, size, and alignment. Recontouring can yield dramatic results in the appearance of your smile.

Recontouring Teeth

Also called enamel shaping, cosmetic contouring is all about small changes. With a miniscule reduction of one tooth and a subtle reshaping of another with tooth-colored bonding, Dr. Rabbath can completely alter your smile, achieving balance and symmetry without the use of braces, crowns, or oral surgery. Recontouring is an ideal way to repair damaged, chipped, or broken teeth to help you discover the smile you've always wanted.
Cosmetic reshaping is often used to repair:
  • Crowding
  • Misalignment or overlapping teeth, which might otherwise require braces
  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • Grooved, pitted, or chipped teeth
Repair Broken, Crowded, or Misaligned Teeth with Reshaping - Tilton NH
Reshaping is about making big changes with small adjustments. First, your teeth will be x-rayed to ensure that the reshaping is entirely superficial and does not affect the inner working of the teeth. Next, we’ll prepare a plan for the work that will be done on each tooth to reconstruct chips, grooves, or cracks and to reduce teeth that may be misshapen or misaligned. Finally, we will perform the delicate work of reshaping each tooth to ensure beauty and symmetry.
Because sculpting the teeth can reduce their strength, we usually use cosmetic contouring only for minor changes, or we combine it with porcelain veneers or bonding to protect tooth enamel after extensive reshaping has been done.

Cosmetic Recontouring Benefits
  • Appearance: Recontouring dramatically improves the size, shape, alignment, and balance of your teeth, without braces or surgery.
  • Comfort: The process changes the way teeth feel, making it easier to eat, speak, brush, and floss.
  • Confidence: With a new and improved smile, you're sure to have more confidence in social situations, when meeting new people, and at work or on job interviews.
  • Hygiene: Although reshaping is usually considered a cosmetic dental procedure, improved tooth alignment can make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene and to prevent the kinds of problems that can be caused by cracked, chipped, or poorly aligned teeth.
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